Video Teasers for Posters – Competition!

Video Teasers for IGS Cambridge

Symposium attendees with abstracts accepted for poster presentations are invited to submit <2-minute teaser videos (Frostbyte-style; see for examples) to help effectively share their research methods and outcomes with the full symposium audience. Videos will be shown over breaks on the first day of the symposium and archived online by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS). Presenters will maintain full rights to the use of their videos, making them a great resource for early-career scientists, but everyone is welcome to participate.

The videos will be voted-on during the poster session and the winner will be awarded a free publication in the Journal of Glaciology. The “best” video will be defined as the video that gives the most informative and creative overview of the poster.

Please add your poster to this dropbox folder.


Not staying at Churchill, but want to join for dinner?

Part of the reason for booking evening meals at Churchill and including them with accommodation was to encourage people to stay together and network in the evenings. (To date around 2/3 are staying at Chruchill)

If you are staying elsewhere rather than in the college, but wish to stay with the group for dinner, these can be bought separately (£40 for three course meal) – please contact

Still need accommodation?

If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation, it’s not too late to do so at Churchill (very few options left elsewhere in the city). If you have already registered but would like to add accommodation on, please email – they can arrange this directly for you.

Poster printing facilities

Poster Printing:

If you don’t wish to carry your poster with you and would rather print it out in town, the nearest option is AVMG, a University print service (open to all) – you can email your poster in advance and collect.

£30 for A0 (landscape!) simple paper.

Email (please arrange everything directly with them).

Address: AVMG, Department of PDN, Anatomy building, University of Cambridge, Downing Site, CB2 3DY. (This is 1.5 miles away, a half-hour walk)

Issue with registration site

If you haven’t yet registered but are trying to, you’ll see there’s a problem with the IGS registration site. They are trying hard to get the contractors to fix this, but it seems to be taking considerable time. We will push back the late surcharge date because of these issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Side events at IGS Cambridge

If you would like to run a side meeting at IGS Cambridge, we have rooms available. If you are interested in hosting a side meeting, please contact the Local Organising Committee with the following information:

  • name of meeting
  • duration of meeting
  • likely and maximum number of participants
  • preferred day/time
  • whether any refreshments or other facilities will be needed – additional costs for these will have to be met by the host.

Please send your requests in by the end of June. Preference will be given to those that make their requests first, or that provide sponsorship for the meeting.